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Guidelines for prospective tenants

  • Properties on the Compton Estates are let on Tenancies governed by The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.


  • The initial term of Agreements will usually be for a fixed period of three years.


  • A deposit equal to two months rent for the property may be charged.


  • The tenant is liable for Business Rates, Water Rates, Electricity, Gas (if connected) Oil (if used) and all other outgoings, on occupation of the property.


  • No subletting or assignment of the property is permitted.


  • At the commencement of the tenancy, the first month’s rent and the deposit are to be paid in full. All initial payments must be made by BACS and must be received in time to allow for the funds to clear before the start date of the tenancy. Subsequent monthly rental payments are to be made by Standing Order.


  • Tenants should be aware that they are committing themselves to a legal contract when they sign the Tenancy Agreement and they have a financial commitment and responsibility of care to that property until the termination date. Prospective tenants are encouraged to examine the Agreement carefully and consult with a Solicitor if necessary.

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