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The Estate benefits from a managed 80 acre deer park which provides the home for a herd of 60 deer. These are purely Melanistic fallow deer which are black in colour.

Across the Estate lives a thriving population of muntjac and fallow deer with some red, roe and chinese water deer. An active management policy exists to control deer numbers across the Estate to a sustainable level. Annual deer counts together with thermal imaging take place over weekends in the summer months to ensure an accurate record of deer numbers is used in the culling policy. These animals are carefully selected to ensure a balanced age and sex structure.

This regime is vital to ensure the survival of a fit and healthy deer population of a size which is manageable in conjunction with other land uses and limit damage to trees and wild flowers whilst reducing the possibility of traffic accidents.

Deer Stalking is available under the jurisdiction of the Deer Manager. For further details please contact the Estate Office on 01604 696232.

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